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Top Tips When Building a New Home

At AJP Construction, we are qualified and certified house builders with extensive experience throughout the Auckland area. This experience includes building a range of house types, large and small. When you hire us as your building contractor, you can expect quality workmanship, reliability, honesty, and professionalism. Get in touch today to find out more.

  • Think carefully about the design before making decisions. It’s also important to remember that design changes cost more the later in the process you make them. So, think about everything from the indoor-outdoor flow to sun lines to energy efficiency to lighting design and more.
  • Don’t get carried away with overly modern or cutting-edge designs. Modern and cutting-edge architectural designs can quickly go out of date.
  • Some people project manage their build when building a new home, usually to save money. This can be a false economy, however, plus it is often a highly stressful approach to building a new house. It is often better to leave it to the professionals. It can also be less costly over the course of the entire project when you factor in everything from subcontractor and supplier management to schedule management and more.

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  • Engage with the local Council as early as possible to ensure your new build complies with construction regulations covering homes in your area.
  • Make sure your timescales are realistic. You need to have a timescale to prevent the project from lingering and feeling like it will never be completed. However, don’t make the timescale too tight as it can cause frustration unmet expectations.
  • Budgeting realistically is important too. Remember also that it is important to have reserve money to fall back on if the build goes over the initial quote, estimate, or fixed budget. Even when you hire high-quality and trustworthy building contractors like us at AJP Construction, it simply isn’t possible to anticipate every challenge that can arise in a building project. It is, therefore, important to have contingency funds available.

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    • Don’t assume or guess in interactions with your builder. It is always better to ask and get clarification than it is to be under the wrong impression. Also, don’t let frustration or annoyance build up. If you have concerns, raise them as early as possible.
    • Make sure there is a contract in place before the building work begins and read through the contract thoroughly so you understand how everything will work. Reputable new home builders in Auckland will have established contracts available.

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